Our flagship smart solar home system, the bPower50, is designed for rural off-grid customers. Once connected, the bPower50 is ready to power lights, radio, TV and charge phones for household and micro-business customers. The bPower50 comes with a 50W roof mounted solar panel, and can be purchased on a three-year payment plan. Each unit connects remotely to our remote management system to give customer support, predict repairs and assist upgrades.


SMART Solar is an innovative solution that enables our solar products to be controlled and monitored remotely. With SMART Solar, BBOXX can extend the life of the battery, improve the experience for the user, and offer superior customer service.

Alerts - Get maintenance alerts
Know when your customer is having problems and provide timely support.

Battery Data - Know your customer
Understand when and how your customer uses energy with high-resolution voltage, current and temperature data.





Connectivity - Reliable connectivity
Data is sent via widespread 2G cell networks, with an SMS fall-back for areas with poor signal.





Enable / Disable Units - Reduce payment plan risks
Remotely disable a unit when a customer misses a payment and enable it again quickly when they pay.





Location - Map your products

Locate units within 1 km and view on a map to inform strategy.


BBOXX offers a range of energy efficient, DC powered appliances to be used in conjunction with our ‘plug and play’ BBOXX Home system.

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